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Expert in Disinfection Of Your Business and Facility

Definition of cleanliness varies from person to person. In a business facility, cleanliness is not just about hygiene but also a disease prevention method. When it comes to large-scale disinfection, Rapid EZ Cleaning employs only expert Cleaning Technicians for Janitorial and Commercial Cleaning in Orange County, California. A covid-free and clean business ambiance is our primary goal.

We keep your Facility safe, especially now with the threat of Covid-19 and its emerging variants. Determining the disinfection needs of your business is essential. That is why our Janitorial and Commercial Cleaning services are customizable depending on our Lead Cleaning Technician assessment of your cleaning problem and your requirements.

You will experience three benefits when you hire us, and they are….

  • Certified cleaning technicians at your service. We are one of the top janitorial and commercial cleaning companies in California that use three simple but critical steps in our services; consultation, customized plan, and comprehensive cleaning method that involves follow-up to ensure cleaning is effective.
Professional Commercial Cleaning Services
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  • We offer specialized cleaning methods. The cleaning technicians we hire undergo specialized training to handle your business cleaning needs. They are capable of handling different services from surface cleaning of viruses, dirt, and grime, disinfection services using the most effective but safe disinfectants in accordance of the Environmental Protection Agency, commercial carpet cleaning using the latest equipment by reputable brands such as Tennant and Minuteman, floor stripping+waxing and identifying high risk+traffic areas in your facility where an outbreak would most likely occur.
  • Exclusive cleaning products to choose from. Most of us worry about our environment. So, Rapid EZ Cleaning only uses products that do not harm the environment.



With the benefits above, we can guarantee that you can trust us to treat and manage your facility as if it's our own. We get the job efficiently, effectively, all while remaining a cost-effective cleaning service provider to your facility.

Rapid EZ Cleaning Standard Checklist for Commercial Cleaning includes…

  • Dusting your desk, window sills, picture frames, and floor boards
  • Breakroom and Refrigerator cleaning
  • Removing trash and recyclables
  • Drapes, Blinds, Carpet and Upholstery Vacuuming
  • Toilets, sinks, urinals, and mirrors
  • Vent Cleaning
  • Lobby and Receptionist Cleaning
  • Disinfecting hard surfaces, door knobs, keyboards, and the computer mouse

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So how do you know when you will be receiving the best service from us? We make it our job to make your Facility our top priority. You are not just a customer. You are part of the Rapid EZ Cleaning family. We just don't just disinfect, clean, vacuum and mop and say our job is done. We provide follow up reports, conduct random inspections, and quality assurance audits to ensure you are getting the service you deserve. We make sure that a thorough inspection is made in fairness and honesty. Our cleaning technicians make sure to abide by the checklist to ensure every area of your Facility is thoroughly cleaned.

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