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No Variants Can Escape With Our Covid-19 Variant Busters

How do you reduce COVID-19 outbreaks at your facility? If you have essential services that need to continue functioning, lockdowns at your office building are not ideal. As current variants are emerging, like the Delta Variant, safety precautions for your employees within the premises are essential. This safety precaution includes hiring COVID-19 disinfection in Orange County, California like Rapid EZ Cleaning.

Rapid EZ Cleaning assures you that your facility will remain safe and allows your business to continue its normal operations. Our COVID-19 disinfection service includes cleaning and disinfecting common and high touchpoint surfaces. Our cleaning technicians are highly trained to identify these contaminated areas in an effort to help prevent Coronavirus from spreading. 

Touchpoints and surfaces may include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Tables and dining surfaces
  • Office kitchen tools
  • Toilets, light switches, and buttons
  • Door handles and elevator buttons
  • Stair handrails
  • Telephones
  • Fax, copier, and printer
  • Vehicles
Covid 19 disinfecting services
Covid 19 disinfecting Buena park

We also work closely with facility management and security services to ensure proper notifications are made to ensure contaminated areas are disinfected with priority and expedited service. Responsibility also includes collecting data on locations in the building that have recorded higher infection rates to combat the Coronavirus.

When utilizing our services for Covid-19 disinfection in Orange County, California, you can expect to experience….

  • Fewer sick days from employees. Sickness with employees can affect the productivity and sales of the business. Skilled cleaning technicians can help reduce the spread of the coronavirus as they are trained on the use of chemicals and what areas to focus on while disinfecting. Once a case is reported, we can implement disinfecting services immediately. 
  • Employees of mind. A safe environment means healthy and peaceful employees reporting to work. A safe and healthy work environment allows for increased productivity. 
  • Cost savings. Our services are reasonably priced compared to other companies. Not only will you get the most qualified cleaning technicians that are trained, you also get the best rates available. 

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Safety Of Your Staff, Customers, and Facility Is Our Primary Goal

Viruses can survive on surfaces for as long as 17 days. Most people that get infected with contaminated surfaces do not show symptoms within two weeks. Because COVID-19 can be spread in many ways, it is difficult to track and contain. State, local, federal, and government agencies such as CDC create and regulate the disinfection of transmissible diseases like COVID-19. As a reputable company offering this service, we strictly adhere to protocols established by these agencies and ensure our clients are safe from outbreaks.

Our Covid-19 Disinfection Services includes the following:

  • Using EPA Registered products for disinfection on contaminated areas
  • Sprayers including manual, pump or battery, and electrostatic
  • Proper disposal of biohazard waste and infected materials
  • Strict obedience to CDC guidelines such as the use of Personal Protective Equipment

We take pride in our services and realize the seriousness of outbreaks. In an effort to minimize the risk of spreading COVID-19 in your facility, we can disinfect it as often as requested. Our skilled professionals will be happy to assist you with creating a comprehensive plan to cater to your facility. If you have further questions, don't hesitate to contact us now.


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