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The ongoing pandemic gives you the reason to have a clean and disinfected facility at work. Outbreaks that lead to work disruption is something all businesses avoid at all cost. Every establishment has to protect its employees, guests, and customers every day. Rapid EZ Cleaning is the company you can count on when it comes to delta variant disinfection in Orange County, California.

Our company has been keeping tabs on current news regarding coronaviruses such as the Delta variant. We all know how infectious this current variant is and continuously rampaging all over the world. It is causing damage to people’s lives and livelihood more than the other emerging variants. Small to large businesses are wondering how they will be able to cope with the cleaning protocols to fight Covid-19.

That is how Rapid EZ Cleaning can help you. We are tirelessly working to respond to business establishments needing our advanced disinfection services. We have cleaning technicians who are equipped with specialized training when it comes to delta variant disinfection in Orange County, California. They are professionally skilled in proper cleaning methods and thorough disinfection in case an outbreak happens.

Our cleaning checklist of Delta variant disinfection in Orange County, California..

ATP Testing

The kind of testing that gives us quick and sensitive information on what cleaning procedures to do on a certain outbreak. It detects what kind of microorganisms are currently living on surfaces.


Electrostatic spraying is the most common method in this step. It consists of a high-voltage electrostatic generator and ultra-low volume sprayer used for delta variant disinfection.


There is a vast array of green high-level disinfectants and cleaning equipment to use. Eco-friendly disinfectants such as ethyl alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, thymol and citric acid.


 It is a quick and effective method of using a disinfectant solution to sanitize large areas of facilities or buildings to kill off viruses in the air. Indoor spaces mostly need this type of disinfection strategy.

UVC Light Sterilization

 It is a light-based disinfecting method that has been a standard protocol in sterilizing hospital buildings such as floors, walls, and ceilings to avoid not just viruses but also bacterias and germs.

Air Purification

 Best HEPA air purifiers kill dangerous viruses in the air such as the Delta variant. According to the EPA, air purification adds another layer of protection to indoor spaces such as facilities and any work spaces.

Steam Sterilization

The moist heat that comes from saturated steam is widely used and dependable when it comes to delta variant disinfection.

Deep Cleaning

A thorough and complete cleaning process of removing dirt, germs, or viruses. This process focuses on common touch points on your building or facility.

The above checklist may or may not apply to your facility. For further questions regarding what method we can use for your business, contact the numbers below.

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  • We observe and follow CDC guidelines such as using Personal Protective Equipment.
  • We use only hospital grade and eco-friendly EPA registered disinfectants
  • We can do several types of disinfection methods; spray, fogging, sterilization, air purification, etc.

We are aware of the risks imposed by the Delta Variant, especially companies that require employees to report to the facility physically. So, rest assured that we have updated information on the most effective ways to stop an outbreak in the workplace. If you want a safe and healthy environment, book an appointment now.

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